We just want to show a sign of life. Technically everythig is fine: the sun is shining, we have found an promising substitute for our vacant bass-player-slot, enough ideas for new songs, could celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, could also play a great DIY-Fest in Czech Republic, et ceterea. But unfortunately the stupid Corona-Virus is still goofing around and ruins every Plan.

We don’t know when we could finally implement our plans for this year und therefore we abide the issue like everyone else. As soon as life gets back to normal, we will let you know any news about our plans. Until then we will fall back to the collective sleeping beauty slumber and hope bravely for better times!

Keep smiling!



Our long-time friend and bass player Christian has left the Band. This happened for personal reasons and there was no bad blood involved. We gratefully thank him for many merry years and wish him all the best for the future!

So long and thanks for all the fish! 😉





We will continue as a three-men-Combo for now and will see, if and how the vacant post could be re-staffed.

We are planning new shows for Summer 2021 – perhaps earlier. But who knows in these times. As long as there is no alteration on this Corona-Crisis, we will crawl away into the safe darkness of our rehearsal room.

If there is something to tell – we’ll blare it here.

Take care!



Due to the fact, that all public events are postponed or cancelled because of the current “Corona-Situation”, there are now shows planned for us at the moment. As soon as the situation will calm down we will attempt to gather new gigs and inform you on this and other social-media channels. Until then we will hide in our Rehearsal Room and writework on new songs.

In the meantime, enjoy our current release: ZEITENWENDE

Stay healthy & don’t go bananas!