Exactly 7275 Days ago we had our first live show with CAUSE OF DIVORCE – with APATIA NO at the Fabrik in Duisburg. In the last 20 years we had a lot of fun and met many crazy people.

Unfortunately, our drummer Nuno had to leave the Band due to reasons of health. Now only Christoph on guitar and my humble self on vocals are left. As we have lost all hope to find suitable replacements on drums and bass guitar, it seems that we won’t play live with CAUSE OF DIVORCE nevermore.

Maybe Christoph and me will proceed somehow – with a drumcomputer and modern tools that replace the vacant instruments. Perhaps not. Maybe we’ll find willingly musicians by accident and there will be a reunion. We’ll see if there will be released anymore Music under the brand ‘CAUSE OF DIVORCE’ at this place in the future. This website will be kept alive until further notice or vanish sometimes clandestinely.

Thanks to all who supported us in the last 20 years: Grind on!

So long and thanks for all the fish!