You can donwload all our so far released Albums for free:


GENOZID (2002) 27MB .rar download
NON SERVIAM (2004) 43MB .rar download
PHOBOPHOBIE (2007) 48MB .rar download
GRINDSTEIN (2010) 44MB .rar download
LOVE THE DEAD NOT THE DEBT (2013) 57MB .rar download
PAX PALINKARIUM (2015) 43MB .rar download
DISCOGRAPHY (2002 – 2016) 260MB .rar download



You can download our logo if needed (for flyers, e.g.) here:


cod-logo-black_2011 cod-logo-black

CoD-logo-white CoD-logo-white

cod-logo-transparent_black cod-logo-transparent_black

cod-logo-transparent_white cod-logo-transparent_white