Hell is full of musical amateurs.

– George Bernard Shaw






christoph (guitar)christian (bass)nuno (drums)marc (voice)



After years of playing music in different bands (ORGASMIC GROAN, ABREAST, et al.) time was ready to bless the ears of mankind with our interpretation of Grindcore.

Enamoured by bands like NAPALM DEATH, GUT, AGATHOCLES and others we decided to occupy our leisure time with making music without restrictions and any borders. Therefore we launched CAUSE OF DIVORCE in 2001 as a side-project and just for fun. And so, another redundant Grindcore-Band was formed.

Quickly we found our own –old school inspired- style of mixing non-genre like grind attacks with Hardcore, Punk and Death Metal Elements. Although each of us had different musical predilections it finally came down to this common denominator which we call “GRINDCORE FOR THE UNLOVED”. And we then and now –still, after 10 years of grinding- are in love with this kind of extreme music.

We are aware that some people do not agree with the label “Grindcore” for the stuff we make, but in our opinion Grindcore was always free of laws and restrictions. For those who moan that we are not fast, loud or hard enough and that we use too many different music-styles for typical Grindcore: You might be right and you may feel free to name our music whatever you want. But we call it Grindcore anyway.



We understand ourselves as a “political” band. It is not our intention to transport pompous messages and admonish our listeners, but if our lyrics and attitude maybe stimulate some independent thoughts or induce a discussion about the fucked up status quo of our sickened society, then this is a desirable side-effect, which we certainly will not refuse.

We are AGAINST any racist, fascist, white supremacist, reactionary, patriotic, sexist and homophobe mindset and never tolerated these opinions in our band and never will in the future. And in our opinion it is warrantable to spread this attitude within our music and lyrics.

We do this just for fun and not for profit. All productions are totally D.I.Y. and this is intentional. We are not interested in doing any deals, make it big or shovel in money. Even though it might be incomprehensible for some people, but we don’t want to be “Rock stars”, because we deny your interpretation of music. We do this only for the love for extreme music. It’s that simple.

Music is Art! We don’t care about rules and regimentation. We don’t care about “the scene” and their elitist CODE OF BEHAVIOUR. We play like we want to play, we will behave like we want to behave and we will remain faithful to our way of music and life. To those “Scene-Gurus” and “Punk-Masters” who remain teaching that this, that and the other isn’t “scene-conform” or inappropriate: STFU! We don’t want to be part of your “scene”!

(If anyone wants to discuss or criticise the way how we reveal our opinion in our lyrics, don’t hesitate to contact the RESPONSIBLE person: marc (at)



In the second year of our bands history we released our first demo (CD/MC) “GENOZID” and we begun playing our first shows. 2004 our second demo (CD/MC) “NON SERVIAM” followed. Before the release of our third demo (CD) “PHOBOPHOBIE” in 2007 our bass-player Norman left the band due to musical differences. We took Niklas aboard until we separate from him in 2009 due to political differences. After that we finally found the right axe-man Christian and released our fourth demo (CD) “GRINDSTEIN” in 2010.

In 2010 we released our first vinyl, published by a bunch of Underground-Labels (Truemmer-Pogo & Doomed to Extinction Records & BoelzCore Music): “BARGAIN HUNTING” – a 12” Split-LP with the Grind-Maniacs BANGSAT from Indonesia. Then our drummer Rolf left the band due to human differences. We quickly found a replacement in our old friend Nuno who swings the sticks since then. In 2010 our long-time-member and friend Ivo left the band due to his job and thereby the lack of time.

After these Line-up-changes we decided to start over with the band again and wrote completely new songs. We abstain from the old material because we rediscovered a raw and pure energy while composing the new songs and we wanted to allow them to recover the lost space which the separated members caused. That doesn’t mean a change of style in our music. We are nowadays more Old-School than ever before.

In 2011 we finally had enough songs to start playing live again. We’re now looking forward to compose more songs and play as many shows as our leisure time allows. Recently we released our new recorded stuff on a 12″ Split-LP (and MC!) with INTESTINAL DISEASE from Hellgium. The LP was released by the Underground-Labels Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik, Doomed to Extinction Rec. and KapotteRadio in December 2012. In February 2013 we also released our Songs of the Split and a few Bonus-Tracks on our new CD “Love the Dead not the Debt”.

In Mai 2015 we’re released a new EP ‘PAX PALINKARIUM’ on CD, which was released as 10″ Split-EP with AGATHOCLES on March the 13th 2016. In April 2018 we released the Split with AGATHOCLES as MC with the Help of WHOARG Rec. & Grindfather Productions.


In the Beginning of 2019 we released our new recorded stuff (at the NotaFalsa-Studio) via CHAOS CONTROL (UK) with SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS as a Split-CD.  We’re looking forward to release the new Stuff also on a 12 inch Split-Vinyl.

We always have tried to grind the stage as frequently as possible and as our leisure time allows. Since starting up the band we had the chance to play several gigs in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands with bands like ACTIVE MINDS (UK), APATIA NO (VEN), LE SCRAWL, DEBAUCHERY, ONANIZER (CZ), DEWSCENTED, CHAINSAW (NL), TANKARD, POOSTEW, SKR8, CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, GREED KILLING, CAPTAIN CLEANOFF (AUS), BORN/DEAD (USA), YORPU (CZ), JACK SLATER, BACCHUS (IRE), TACHELESS, CYNESS, INTESTINAL DISEASE (BEL), DOWNFALL OF GAIA, POWER IS POISON (NL), AGATHOCLES (BEL) and many more.

We also supported MALIGNANT TUMOUR (CZ) on their “Grind your Mind”-Tour in 2003 and participate on the “Metal Underground Madness Tour II” 2004 with KING’S-EVIL (JAPAN) and SCORNAGE and played on some Festivals: at the NOISEPOINT V, GRIND GOES BENEFIZ, MOSH IT UP VIII & X, ROCK AM EISLEK (LUX), FEKAL PARTY 2005 (CZ), GRIND THE NAZI SCUM 2008, POWER GRINDCORE VIOLENCE in 2009, THE EVIL BALLOON CAME DOWN FROM THE SKY-Fest 2012, PALLASIT-FEST 2015 and many more.


If you want to have us for concerts or receive further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll play for gas money, some beers and a sleeping place if needed.

In Grind We Crust!