Title: Bargain Hunting

Split w/ BANGSAT

Format: 12″ LP

Year: 2010

Labels: Truemmer Pogo / Doomed To Extinction Records / Boelzcore Music


Cause of Divorce:

1. Spearhead of Madness

2. Eat Shit 2.0

3. Anticapitalista

4. Hardliner

5. Elite Scene Guru

6. Megalomania

7. The Unloved 2.0



1. A Pittiful Legacy of Mankind Greediness

2. Remain The Lifeless

3. State Of Boundless Sorrow

4. Milenium Kanibalisme

5. Where Money Becomes The Real God

6. Injak Mati Rasisme

7. H.F.I.D.

8. The Unholy Trinity

9. Extinction Of Life

10. Big Business Shit

11. World Of Starvation

12. Work For Life Work Til Death



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spearhead of madness

spearhead breaks through without any mercy -the gun cocked and aiming on terrorists -seems that you’ve chosen the wrong path my friend seems that your life fucked up now again -strange land and people -disoriented -hate and refusal is all that you get -seems that your country stabbed you in the back -seems that you’ll die far away from your friends -businessmen & monkey parliament -decide for us who is foe or friend -armed peacemaker negotiate -really wonder that the answer is full throttled hate – welcome to absurdistan -c’mon chose your grave – welcome to absurdistan – wallow in blind hate – men in ties decide who you have to hate -suited monkeys choose the way you have to die – abuse their wet dreams – feign this false respect -let the apes fight their own war-resist – then you can see it’s all about profit – then you can see it’s without any sense – welcome to absurdistan – die for their profit in the dust – spearhead breaks through without any mercy – the gun cocked and aiming on terrorists – seems that you’ve chosen the wrong path my friend – seems that your life fucked up now again

eat shit 2.0

I have listened now for hours – to your dumb-fucked shit – you’ve spoken about emotions and that my attitude won’t fit – why don’t you take these cents my friend and tell it the parking meter over there?! – you fucking bastard – you’re really talking shit – no one wants to hear your opinion – cause you’re licking arses to fit (into the system) – have you ever wondered why? no one listen to your thoughts?  you’re betraying other people – just to make your little world conclusive – trade with the pain of the others – your whole world is constructed – there’s nothing more! – there’s nothing to loose – I’m ready to attack – and to silence up your mouth – all the years I’ve listened to your dumb-fucked shit – now the time has come to stop your lousy speech – empty words and promises – everything you say is sick – first I break with your social rules – and then I break your filthy face – now feel my growing anger – these are the times to attack – It’s up to you my friend – choose: restore peace or eat shit!


kill – destroy – and make them follow – businessmen are selling pointless – kill – destroy – and make them follow – and you buy – you’re so a moron – kill – destroy – and make them follow – their system hass fucked up – that’s for sure now – charged – scheduled – considered – screwed-up – smashed – tossed – ripped – you’re fucked – smashed – tossed – ripped – you’re calculated – smashed – tossed – ripped – you’re tricked – smashed – tossed – ripped – you’re part of their computation – sale – sale – sale – sold out – hatred drives them on – push them to the front – nothing’s not for sale – immoral bastards – lying – steal and rape – make the poor obey – feeling no remorse for what they did to other people – all they say and do – doesn’t make any sense – they fucked mankind onward – without feeling a regret – all they say to me – doesn’t reach my brain – they stabbed me in the back – now I’m breaking all their laws


since a couple of years I try to hide my mind from your – propaganda – all media is infected – by your cruel – unremitting – reorganization – you mould and distort – bend and twist – label your shit – as final truth’s law – maintaining your vicious circle for all costs and blaming us – as destructive elements – take your dumb crap – and give it to the nerds – I don’t want your lame fucking truth – it’s made by businessmen – efficiency optimized – for the blockheads to buy – leave me alone – I better do it on my own – rules and laws – and fucking contracts – you try to regulate – all that is vivid – claiming the truth – the final insight – you really believe that you understood life? – using your power – you compel the others – to follow your tracks – even down to hellfire – opposite ideas – new ways to think – now you feel obliged and – strike back with hate – hard-liner – radical – extremist – listen carefully – don’t fuck with me my friend – do not try to take me for a ride – I recognized your filthy intention – I finally understood the dirty tricks on my mind – take your lame world view – believe what ever you want – but don’t tell me what to think – don’t stipulate how this world works – hard-liner – radical – extremist – I don’t believe in your way of life

elite scene guru

I’m so impressed of your knowledge – you really know all the lyrics – it seems you are the scene master – a punk guru – teach me how to be – shut your mouth – go fuck yourself – stop telling me – how to think and dance – close your eyes – what you now see – is what I want from your scene – scene teacher – dress code – show me how to behave – building an elite – shut your mouth – fuck yourself – stop telling me – how to think and dance – close your eyes – what you now see – is what I want from your scene – tell us how to move and behave – show us how true fans subordinate – guard the scene – separate what should be united – destroy the energy of something once was free – now we have a message here for you: music is art – here goes another message for you: art is always free of laws – if you want to regulate all things that are free – why don’t become a referee – if you want to show off and boast – why don’t strut around the beach – but please don’t fuck with us – coz’ we’ll never stop – we won’t fit into your scene – we don’t wanna be part of your elite – shut your mouth – fuck yourself – stop telling me – how to think and dance – close your eyes – what you now see – is what I want from your scene


pride estate – reek of envy – nazi brain – racial hatred – wet dreams reign – twist your brain – make you follow – a life so hollow – nationalism infected your brain – fatherland’s duty is all that you gain – claiming the soil the ancestors profane – gay liberation of dumb asses I say – neo-Nazi greed – retarded mind – longing for a new Reich – unable to learn – upwind – if you used your brain for once than maybe you could see – that you’re blinded by the shine of your fathers misdeed – neo-Nazi garbage – slow poor mind – longing for an age that bought once pain, death and demise – if you had a brain then you could just realize – that all these crazy ideas are made for blind obdience – megalomania – neo-Nazi brain – poor twisted mind – a life living so blind – megalomaniac – simple nazi brain – proud and tight – similar to your mind – neo-Nazi seeds – backwarded mind – I’ll stop your success and fight you and your kind – never again your destructive vicious ideas will rise – me and my kind will stop your movements immediate on sight – take your stupid flag – wrap it around the hole in your head – all what your führer promised isn’t able to save your soul

the unloved 2.0

total chaos in my forced life – evil behaviour results from this fight – I’m the unloved – forced – hate grows -they feed me pain – I’ll pay back hate – sit down – don’t touch – answer – buy that – do this – let that – bow down – say “yes” – I won’t obey – you’ve forced me to hate! – all my life – you didn’t care – now it’s too late – hate will let me die away! – now take back – what you gave to me – enjoy the emptiness in these times between rage – fuck you – arsehole – take my – fist now! – pure violence – a riot – yeah the answer will be a bloodshed – “three time!”, the wise say, “the pain you gave, comes back again!” – then you might realize, that “hell” is other people, that “hell” is just inside!


BANGSAT / CAUSE OF DIVORCE “Bargain hunting” Split LP
BANGSAT stammen aus Jakartha / Indonesien und spielen laut ihrer Myspace Seite “christlichen Rap”….neee, ist’n Witz, auch wenn es wirklich so auf deren Myspace-Seite steht. BANGSAT sind genau das Gegenteil… sie spielen superbösen Grind/Crust-Core, 12 Songs lang und dazu wurde die ganze Chose auch noch sehr gut im Studio aufgenommen. Von den 12 Songs singen sie zwei Songs in ihrer Heimatsprache, die restlichen auf englisch. Textlich sehr politisch ausgelegt, wie bei den Songs “Big business shit”, World of Starvation”, “Where Money becomes real gods” oder “A pitiful legacy of mankind greedness”. Und mit “H.F.I.D.” covern sie auch recht gelungen ein HELLBASTARD Song. CAUSE OF DIVORCE kommen aus Aachen und grinden wie die Weltmeister und geben sieben Songs zum besten, die sehr gut produziert wurden. Textlich sind sie mir sehr sympathisch, denn Titel wie “Anti-Capitalista”, “Elite-Scene-Guru”, “Eat Shit” oder “Spearhead of Madness” lassen nichts anbrennen. Schön, das man die Texte nachlesen [sic!], denn meine ewigwährende Frage lautet warum so grunzen muß, damit man überhaupt nichts mehr vom Text verstehen kann? Auf die Dauer sind mir CAUSE OF DIVORCE zu anstrengend, was Grindcore-Heads aber in keinster Weise abschrecken dürfte. Helge

PLASTIC BOMB #71 (Sommer 2010)



gerste vom cfmd fanzine schickte mir vor ein paar tagen die vorabsongs dieser split, und ich bin mehr als nur überrascht, was einem hier geboten wird. diese beiden bands zocken genau den sound, der heutzutage immer mehr durch ausgefeilte technik, super ausgetüftelten sound in vergessenheit gerät, die rede ist vom ursprünglichen grind-core stil, wie er ande der 80er/anfang der 90er in england entstanden ist. den anfang machen bangsat aus indonesien, sie spielen, wie schon erwähnt, extrem rotzig wütenden gind-core, der gewürzt mit hc, crust und death metal herrlich frisch serviert wird. die einflüsse gehen auf die wurzeln des genres zurück, will heißen, napalm death, s.o.b., uralte bolt thrower, agathocles, aber auch hellbastard hört man hier raus (zudem gibt es von letztgenannter horde auch einen klasse coversong). zwölf songs gibt man hier zum besten, und bangsat lassen einen an vergangene zeiten zurückdenken. mit agus hat man einen herrlich wütenden brüllwürfel am mikro, der seine stimmbänder hervorragend malträtiert. wer jetzt aber an frognoisegesang der marke c-rohr-gerülpse aus Amiland denkt, ist auf dem falschen gleis, und zwar auf dem ganz falschen!! des weiteren sucht manhier blastbeatbullshit genauso vergebens wie aufgepeppten sound. so gefällt mir das, und so gehört es sich auch!

auf seite b geht es mit den aus aachen stammenden scheidungskindern unverblümt gnadenlos weiter. hier trifft grindcore auf wutschnaufenden englischen punk, hc-aggressivität sowie eine gehörige portion death metal im gepäck. das ist zwar alles nichts neues, aber es kommt darauf an, wie dieser stil gespielt wird. und hier greift alles perfekt ineinander. brüllender gesang trifft auf schnelles schlagzeug, klingt in etwa wie ganz alte rot aus brasilien und alte napalm death, was die aggression angeht. was mir an cause of divorce ebenfalls positiv auffällt, ist ihre rebellische art, wie sie ihr material darbieten. für jeden alteingesessenen grindfreak, der die wurzeln des genres kenn, ist diese scheibe eine absolute kaufempfehlung. für mich die Überraschung anfang 2010 schlechthin. so und nicht anders gehört grind gespielt! vergesst diesen eierlosen schwuchtel-rülpsgesang aus amiland. das hier killt!

(bangsat 7 p./ c.o.d. 7,5 p) / rm

HAMMERHEART-Zine # 4  (juni 2010)