Format: CDr/MC

Year: 2004

Labels: Self-released


Cause of Divorce:

1. Ultimate Expansion Of Fear

2. Incomplete Knowledge

3. Blindfold The Pathfinder

4. What Are You Waiting For?!

5. How To Belong To The Scene

6. Kollateralschaden

7. Take Me To Your Leader

8. The Unloved

9. Lack Of Loyalty

10. Circle Of Disharmony

11. Genius Morbi

12. Guilty

13. Karma Fucker




Buy trendy Clothes, tattoo yourself, pierce your face and wear cool shirts
Then nail your empty walls with what the Media sells to aimless Heads

Welcome to the Scene, young vassal
Buy their Products and be hip!
Now you’re part of the Scene – Now you are someone!
(While others making profit)

Do you really think that this is all you need to distance from mainstream-shit?!
Then realize that you’re just following, while salesmen laughing ‘bout this running gag

Welcome to the scene, young vassal
Now you’re free, developed and hip
Buy “innovations” of Trendsetters
Make their balance go rise – ahead!

It seems to me, that you didn’t shout enough
As Life has distributed keen intelligence at your birth

Depart from what these “Stars” are selling
Do it on your own, do it yourself
Be autonomous and independent
Build your own Scene, follow your own path!

Or: Welcome to the scene, blind idiot!
Never to be free again, following until the day of dying
Passive living, you’re just the audience


The way you care for your brain-defects
Astonished me, because you even trade with them
You’re a liar, just longing “higher”

Weird dreams of power, for your eternal mind
With material you want to reach higher skies
You even would sell your own mother for a good price, huh?!

You are betraying others and outdo your rivals
First hide your feelings behind this paltry mask
Because no one may see that your soul is sold
Exchanged for money and an acute remorse?
Your whole behaviour is just a shape
I’ve seen this before, your eyes are deathly pale!

All your words – empty phrases – also controlled – irritated?
You say you don’t see – but also recognise – that you’re lost – in their rat race
Your evil means indicate that you’re a slave of them
And your tie shows me that you’re just a pawn, not a king!

All your words – are just posing – indeed you’re infected – my diagnosis:
You are just a fucker – I don’t believe any word
And I will never listen – to an arse-licking tongue
You are just a show-off – with nothing in your head
Your disease will end – in total obsession!


Fuck your monkey business!
I hope that you’ll suffer for this!

Oh, you call this “just a little loss of life”
I say: “your moral force is just as far as in those barbarian times”
No more development since the hangman smiles and shake his axe
You bastards: fuck off and regret!

Just an accident?!
children lost their parents!

Oh, you call this “military intelligence”
words combined that can’t make any sense
It’s killing, crushing, annihilate and then you honour them
In wartimes, you say: “Everyone has to pay”

Oh, the seasons has gone black – why such a demonic hate?
kill what your opponent has sown – destroy their future – that’s the way you believe?
Demolish – with hate – hopeless – the way you believe


Incomplete – after all these years they still don’t know
Disbelief – witness our worlds downfall
Every single word from them is pure nonsense
They’re acting inharmonious and backward!

Inconstant – never tried asking why their predecessors failed
Arrogant – they just can distinguish black from white
They’ve used fuzzy sources and now they’re so amazed
That life is incalculable – you’ve chosen the wrong path!

Bombs and Violence, Terror and Gas
That’s how they argue – they never discuss
Preaching others how life should work
They’re claiming wisdom and create their own facts

Don’t believe any single word
Life contains more than they’re teaching you
They want you robot-like so that you fit into the scheme
In their brave new world you should functioning well

Incomplete – lost of orientation
Why should you follow them?
They even don’t know how!


What has happened? What’s going wrong?
Tell me why it ends this way
Once you’ve promised entire confidence
Now the things have changed – no way to return
no way to return – emotions are now restrained

whom to trust now? – sure not your words
how could we restore it?! Go back?!
Well it’s not that I am not longing
But there is something that I miss
We’re Strangers in a World we didn’t make – full of cold raw rivalry
And all your daily pain-injections are the reasons why it ends!

Whom to believe? – sure my own thoughts!
At least they are all what’s left
Alone I’m fighting now!
Disappointment is what I contain
Strangers – in a strange world
Strangers – now you say: “I didn’t know”?!

I’m feeling dire empty now – missing and sure knowing that you’re gone
“that’s what life’s about!” – Now I’m a stranger in your world
Your smile begins to fade
Never feel your touch again!


It’s a bit steep that you grin and smile now, it’s a bit steep!
Since centuries you’re promising lies, since centuries!
Exalted and swanky you speak ‘bout our “Rights”
Yeah! it’s “Enlightenment” you’re seeking!
You say that it’s your right to be selfish by now
You’re just constructing a lie!

Ah! You’re guilty – cheating all mankind
Ah! You’re guilty – stepping on human rights
Without conscience you’re exploiting the poor
And call it then: “Struggle to Survive”

In hands the book of mockery – written to twist the truth
You’re religious vultures – you’re driving me Insane!

Rage – liar! – hate – struggle to survive
Only one thing in your mind – profit through slavery
subdue man’s nature rights – fight against your own species

rage – liar! – hate – struggle to survive
some might be dazzled – some might be blind
but me and other dissidents – we’re ready to fight!


Total chaos in my forced life – evil behaviour results from their fight
I am the Unloved – forced – hate grows
They feed me with pain – I’ll pay back hate

Sit down – don’t touch – answer – buy that
Do this – let that – bow down – say “yes”
I won’t obey – you’ve forced me to hate!
All my life – you didn’t care – now it’s too late – hate will let me die away!
Now take back – what you gave to me – enjoy the emptiness in these times between rage

Fuck you – Arsehole – take my – fist now!
Pure Violence – a Riot – yeah the answer will be a bloodshed
“three times!”, the wise say, “the pain you gave, comes back again!”
“three times!”, the wise say, “the pain you gave, comes back again!”
then you might realize, that “hell” is other people, that “hell” is just inside!


The World is full of Troublemakers, disrupted children who never fit
Everyone’s disturbed by envy, they surely defend their benefit
Their Government is telling them, that life’s too dangerous, too much for them
So let them protect all your needs
At least they control the way how you shit!

The influential behind-ones are moulding your reality
Until they think it could fit, than you’re just a shape
Eruption of Fear!

Ultimate Expansion campaign, public swallows one-day-flies
Advocate the cause of freedom, despair for those who try to fly
Eruption of Fear!

Mass psychosis and still they’re spreading lies
To control others, makes businessmen feel fine
Ultimate expansion of media control
By thinking that you’re weakened, your supremacy slips away.

Misinformation and pretending the truth
That’s the way how they deflect from their game
Remember it’s true: there are billions of truths!
“Reality” depends from the point of view, man!
And while your government is telling you
That life is too dangerous, too much for you
You let them protect and “serve” all your needs
They already control the way how you shit!


Fanatic, pure and trained to be content
Follow, obey and never ask ‘bout this
TV clergy mould your inner self
Now just do what we want!
Hazard imitation of life

Enslaved, mislead, serving modern gods
Take this – leave that – c’mon take your part
Kneeing, scrawling, obedience to other people’s laws
Hazard and misled life

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I will never swallow!
I wasn’t born to follow you
You can’t prove that life is how your empty books are preaching me

All you do is propaganda. Public gets what you admit
Fuck your tricks, I am no vassal
No chance – my sights are already on you!

How can you tell what is right? And who are you to criticize?
Fuck you all! I deny your rules – law of five?
Non serviam!


Clear and bright, can’t you see?!
This is black and that’s white! Do you disagree?!
Seems that life’s like a tragic theatre, some servants rule while others servants are ruled!

You’ve been controlled by “established” think-tank themes
prior to be a human being: selection?! Inhumane!
It seems that money values more than integrity

Money makes you feel like a god, instead of what you really deserve
Primitive arseholes behave like kings, fame for the unscrupulous, it’s a sick society!

You’ve been polarised, you’ve no attitude!
You’re just a paper-sheet-slave, never listened to the wise

As you ask your heart (!) about what’s good and brave
Tell me – what do you see? – stars and stripes?! – no, that’s a lie!

(High priest of the lost souls)

Trapped in total chaos, gone weird and fed with hate
24hours irrigation, why is there no place to hide?!

Turn on television – the world is falling apart
Hate, despair, watch our world demise
Is it friend or foe? Which direction now?
Hide or march into this war?!
Why blindfold the tracker? And who?!

Who can say? And how should they know?!
Impressed by symbols, people always follow blind

Don’t obey their self-made rules, do not serve the golden calf!
Take control of your life – remember the nature-made laws!
No words – only acting counts!


Oh Shit – what should we do? If Martians arrive?
Sophisticated, civilized for sure they will ask us why?!
We’re drifted apart – suspicious – injurious
The force on earth is controlled by an infantile weird mind
Most of humans suffer – serve their whole life for a curd
The few who rule are destroying all
that could abate their profit-work

You got the right – to throw your bombs
Defend your lines and destroy the earth
Its comprehensible to protect your own world
You must destroy the globe!

What you can see right now – is what our gods allow
Stop us now – or we’ll spread it all around

You got the right – to throw your bombs
Defend your lines and destroy this earth
That’s what mankind deserves
If someone asks – you should answer:
“There was no intelligent life on this fucking planet earth!”
“There was no intelligent life!”

“It seems that we’re alone – caught in a madman’s world!”

Yeah – If I would be a Martian than I sure would ask
Why respond to businessmen?
And why you’re licking balls?
Raise your fist and voice your anger
Resist all their laws
Find another Way of living –you’re responsible!

Desolate their Governments – uncover all their fuss
Claim what life has given you – boycott their consume wars
At Least you are departed but your spine is still at work
Maybe Martians dignify your honourable work!

You got the right – to throw your bombs
Defend your lines and destroy this earth
That’s what mankind deserves
If someone asks – you should answer:
“that’s what they deserve!”


As time freezes my mind is itching
The yearning of a thousand lives
Through the ages the same scorn prevents
The expansion of my aimless mind

The wheel’s disrupted – balance’s disturbed

Since now I’ve tried to kept the justice
In every step I endeavor
Meanwhile I saw what man did mankind
In the End I’ve lost my faith

The wheel’s disrupted – balance’s disturbed
Fear and Anger – are still my companions
Endless struggle – can’t evade it
Orders are clear: Try to escape!

As time goes by I realize now
There is no second chance in life
Time is slipping – Faith’s collapsing
Sometimes scars remain for a while
The wheel’s immortal – no one to stop it

I will never serve your doctrine, I never, never serve!
I won’t endure your prejudices, I never, never will!
I never, never will…
I will never join your party, I never, never join!
I will never bow down, I never, never will!
I never, never will…

Sympathy – redundant
Conscience – disturbing
Fellowship – surface
Salvation – through pay bills
Loyalty – surface
Salvation – through consume

You can’t escape -Your own master-plan
You can not bed the inner laws
Remember that – all comes around
No matter on which cloud you sit enthroned!

Show Respect to others – open mind!
Don’t let envy feed your lonely mind!
There is no God to judge, nor re-arise
the hate you spread will come back
In lonely nights
Overtaken by fear you’ll regret your filthy lies
The karmic wheel is in you – so you cannot hide!



Grindcore for the unloved, this is Cause of Divorce 2nd release, actually I don’t know what is really the cause of divorce? Hehe, this is fucking grindcore in my face, man! These guys manage to manipulate my taste, because I like this cd, I like the riffage and the execution of the drum punishment, they also mixed with a touch of death metal, one thing that I like with this one is that, the packaging is d.i.y but it really looks like pro, this is some kind of intelligent idea! And also the cd has multi media playable to pc for videos and pix. Tough one, another soundtrack on my drinking habit though.- corix




Schon die 2002er “Genozid”-CD-r dieser Aachener Grindcoreband konnte mich begeistern. Der aktuelle „Non Serviam“ betitelte Release gefällt mir sogar noch besser, denn CAUSE OF DIVORCE haben ihren ganz eigenen Stil gefunden und gehen abwechslungsreicher denn je zu Werk. Das bedeutet, daß eine gesunde Portion Old School Grindcore natürlich noch immer das Grundgerüst bildet, aber auch immer wieder Hardcore-/Crustelemente, sehr geile Midtempoparts und ein paar melodische Interludes (z.B. bei „Kollateralschaden“ und „Karma Fucker“) eingebaut wurden. Hinzu kommen Aggrovocals der Marke „brutales Geshoute vs. mitreißendes Geschrei“. Da geht’s ab! Die noch auf „Genozid“ herauszuhörende Death Metal-Kante wurde hingegen auf ein Minimum reduziert. Textlich wird politisch, sozial- und auch szenekritisch klar Stellung bezogen, was natürlich zu begrüßen ist! Der D.I.Y.-Silberling kommt stilvoll verpackt und mit fettem, sehr gut gelayoutetem Booklet daher. Soundtechnisch gibt’s abermals die volle Proberaumkelle. Das sprengt zwar nicht unbedingt die Fensterscheiben der eigenen vier Wände, ist mir aber hundertmal lieber als irgendwelche überproduzierte Scheiße, bei der Null Feeling rüberkommt! Ach ja, einen Multimedianteil gibt’s auch noch. Get it! [Gerste]

Kontakt: Stefan Gerstenberger, Dorfstr. 39, 09326 Holzhausen, Germoney

E-Mail: hate666@freenet.de


CAUSE OF DIVORCE – Non serviam
„Non serviam” ist der zweite Output der Band aus der Aachener Region. Zusammengewürfelt aus verschiedenen Bands, praktiziert der fünfköpfige Haufen den sogenannten „Grindcore for the unloved”. Und im Gegensatz zum „Genozid”-Demo aus 2002 gefallen mir CAUSE OF DIVORCE weitaus besser. Der Kram ist straighter geworden. Aber immer noch krachend, lärmig, wüst und schnell. Auf „Non serviam” halten sich mittlerweile Death Metal und Grindcore die Waage. Eine kleine punkige Note schleicht sich auch dann und wann ein. Und ein wenig experimentieren darf man bei CAUSE OF DIVORCE auch. Das fünfeinhalbminütige „Karma fucker” besteht zu großen Teilen aus schleppenden akustischen, disharmonisch wirkenden Parts, die dann von knüppelndem Grindcore durchbrochen werden. Einigermaßen verwirrend der Track. „Guilty” wiederum „besticht” mit verstimmten Saiteninstrumenten und Whamming (wenn es denn solches ist). Oder ein Drum-Solo ruft in „Take me to your leader” mal eben zur Attacke. CAUSE OF DIVORCE lassen sich eben nicht auf blankes Geknüppel reduzieren. Zu abwechslungsreich ist das Material, und immer für ‘ne Überraschung gut. Zwischen Intro und Outro haben die Kaputten dreizehn musikalische Hammerschläge geparkt, die zum Großteil fix auf den Punkt kommen. „Non serviam” wirkt insgesamt sehr flüssig, trotz der eingebauten Spielereien. Man braut zusammen, was gerade in Reichweite ist, und das Gesöff schmeckt auch noch. Testfahrt empfohlen. Die D.I.Y.-Scheibe ist mit einem Multimedia-Bonus ausgestattet, der einige Videos enthält, die problemlos auf jedem halbwegs modernem Rechner laufen sollten. Feine Sache das!

KLASMA zine to come back in full length end of January!!!! Bands etc. with review/interview in it, get it for free – naturally… Or take a look at: klasmazine.neotecc.de for newsletter 4/04. For a sure review I just need a simple promo. Tradelist still available…
c/o M. Riedel
Falkenstr. 73
73035 Göppingen


Genre: Grindcore
Origin: Germany
Label: –

Jeez… A 13 song demo, plus intro, outro and multimedia bonuses. Also pro-printed cover and individual pages in the booklet for the lyrics. It’s not often a band puts so much effort into a demo. But that’s also why I’m surprised that they didn’t put equal amount of effort into the recording, the sound quality does not do them justice. It’s pretty thin production to be honest. But they recorded it themselves and that’s DIY for ya. Not everyone has access to Soundlab when recording their own band, hehe.
I’m not really sure what to compare this to. It can be quite mid tempo and sound like a hardcore crust band. When the faster parts kick in it all gets too murky, and you can’t really make out what the drummer’s up to. The vocals remind me a bit of .Inane, which means harsh dog barks vs. rabid dog barks, hehe. They’re pretty good and fit great. But I know the music really reminds me of another band, I just can’t figure out which band. I’ve gone through my record collection, but I still don’t know. The best I’ve come up with is Immured, and that’s no good comparison. Oh well, there’s really nothing I can do about that right now… Anyway, political lyrics dealing with neo-nazism, war making, and of course the scene. Oh yeah, as I said it has some multimedia bonuses. You can find a bunch of pics there, but also five music videos!
They should have put more money into the recording, which would have improved this demo a lot. I mean, it’s definitely good ol’ fashioned grindcore for the unloved, I like it, but the sound drags it in the mud…