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We’re still alive. We might smell like already dead, but in fact we’re still alive. Due to the long lasting break we’d, we want to give you an „still alive“ sign with this post. Currently there are no shows planned and Time will tell if there is something possible this year. At the moment we’re working on new stuff and already composed some songs. But we’re lazy Bastards and so this Procedure will take it’s Time. As soon as there a any News or interesting Things to share, we will publish them here on this site.

So stay tuned and take care! 




The Gig in Leeuwarden and @the No Dirty Rules-Fest was a Blast!!! Thanks for everyone involved and the maniacs who made both Evenings to an awesome Party! You guys Rules!

In July we make a little Summer-Time-Holiday-Break and start writing new Songs and planning new Shows in August again.

We will let you know as soon as theres something new. Stay tuned and Grind on!